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Think about it: who wouldn’t want to fly through the sky like Superman, soaring across the city in a glorious red cape? How about zipping through the streets at lightning speed like The Flash? Or becoming like Wonder Woman, with her unyielding strength and unbreakable spirit? 

To me, DC Superheroes aren’t just characters in a comic book; they’re our sources of empowerment and inspiration… that no matter how ordinary we may feel, we all have the potential to do extraordinary things. 

Whether it’s standing up for what’s right, helping those in need, or simply believing in ourselves, these heroes show us that heroism isn’t reserved for the chosen few – Deep down, you too are a superhero in the making.


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My free print arrived really promptly. It is really good quality and I have put it in a box frame in my kitchen. Everyone who has seen it has said how good it looks and have asked where it's from. No one can believe that I only paid £3.95 for p+p. I love it..
Happy Art Prints have been a fantastic company to buy from. Ben has been brilliant at keeping me up-to-date on the order. The print itself is amazing; thick, sturdy paper, high quality printing, no blurring or loss of colour. I am so, so happy with this.
I love my print, it was on offer for free and I paid shipping. Ben has hands down one of the best customer service experiences I’ve encountered. Highly recommend his prints. I’ll definitely be purchasing in future when we move into our first home...

about happy art prints

Ben Cole

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m the artist who runs Happy Art Prints. 

I’ve been giving away 
FREE art since 2020 and have so far delighted over 100k+ customers with my affordable, gallery quality art.

My passion is bringing fine art into people’s homes at an reasonable price, because i know what a positive effect this can have on how your home feels.

This is my way of helping make your house the most inspiring, enjoyable, and relaxing place it can be.


Think of it like a free sample. Because everyone hates buying something online only for it to arrive and not be anything like it was advertised. So I’m taking all the risk out of it for you.

Just pay the postage cost to get the print to you and you can see for yourself why I feel so confident sending my art out for free. Because I know as you look at it on your wall you’ll want to come back for more!

There are no subscriptions, no hidden costs, and you’re not obligated to ever spend money with me again. I do this because I want to share beautiful art with anyone who wants it, and I make my living by making the whole experience so amazing for my customers that they keep coming back again to get new art in the future.

My Google and Facebook pages are filled with stories from people who have been so happy with what they got they not only proudly hung it on their wall, but they decided to share their joy with the rest of the world to convince others to do the same!

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and have made so many new happy customers that it allowed me to make art my full time “job”. But it’s not really a job. I love to create and share art with people all over the world and consider myself the luckiest person on Earth to get the opportunity to do that for so many people.

I’m absolutely confident you’ll ADORE your free print, but to give you peace of mind I also offer the “Happy Art Prints Promise” as well. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the free A5 print, I’ll refund you. No questions asked, just send me an email. You can even keep the print!

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So happy with the total experience of shopping with such a lovely company. Ben was both kind and professional, and the prints are absolutely divine. Will definitely be a returning customer 😊
I have ordered on three separate occasions from Happy Art. All fabulous. Would highly recommend
Really happy with my prints from a talented artist. What I like about them is that they are unique, you won’t be able to purchase them anywhere else. Great service, well packaged and arrived safely. I wish I had more space for more! Thank you 😊

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Who would have thought that a timid reporter like Clark Kent would soar through the skies of Metropolis … standing up to danger and saving dear lives? Superman, with his humble origins, is a reminder that perhaps being a super lies not in the ability to fly or leap tall buildings, but in the willingness to stand up for what’s right, no matter who and what we are.

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The Flash

225 Prints Given Away

Barry Allen, the man behind the iconic scarlet costume, wasn’t always the fastest man alive.… On his journey to being one, he discovered that true courage isn’t just about speed—it’s about heart. The Flash inspires us to be our best selves, to never give up hope, and make our every second count.

£18.00 FREE

*Just £3.95 P&P

Wonder Woman

220 Prints Given Away

Whether she’s battling gods or leading the Justice League into battle, Wonder Woman’s strength, grace, and compassion continue to captivate audiences around the world. Born as Princess Diana, she leads by example – showing to everyone that one’s power lies not in domination, but in unity and understanding.

£18.00 FREE

*Just £3.95 P&P

DC Heroes Collection (3 Prints)

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Experience the thrill of heroism like never before! Our legendary superheroes have captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide, each representing a unique aspect of courage, strength, and resilience. Now, you can bring the action into your own home with our stunning collection of prints … for a limited time, seize a remarkable 75% discount on the entire set! Order now and unleash your inner superhero!

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