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The magic of the forest, brought to life by these enchanting animals, leaves an lasting mark on our hearts and lets us cherish the beauty of the wild.

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Have you ever taken a stroll through the woods and felt a sudden rush of wonder? Across the towering trees or the dappled sunlight, we see the enchanting presence of woodland creatures. The gentle deer … the clever foxes and rabbits – they all have a special way of making us feel like we’re stepping into a fairytale.

I always get mesmersed whenever I see them doing what they do best—living freely and beautifully. It’s like I’ve stumbled into a storybook, as if a magical world has come to life. Woodland creatures capture our imagination and stir a sense of child-like wonder within us. What is it about these animals that makes us feel so good?

Well … I’d like to believe that these animals embody the serenity of nature, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the simple, quiet moments that life offers. Their presence in the wild connects us to a world unburdened by the hustle and bustle of daily living, offering a respite and a sense of calm. It’s a gentle nudge to take care of our environment, so these magical moments can continue to happen.


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My free print arrived really promptly. It is really good quality and I have put it in a box frame in my kitchen. Everyone who has seen it has said how good it looks and have asked where it's from. No one can believe that I only paid £3.95 for p+p. I love it..
Happy Art Prints have been a fantastic company to buy from. Ben has been brilliant at keeping me up-to-date on the order. The print itself is amazing; thick, sturdy paper, high quality printing, no blurring or loss of colour. I am so, so happy with this.
I love my print, it was on offer for free and I paid shipping. Ben has hands down one of the best customer service experiences I’ve encountered. Highly recommend his prints. I’ll definitely be purchasing in future when we move into our first home...

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Ben Cole

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m a full time painter who runs Happy Art Prints. I’ve been giving away 
FREE art since 2020 and have so far delighted over 100k+ new customers with my quality art prints.

My passion is bringing fine art into people’s homes at an affordable price, because i know what a positive effect this can have on how you feel.

This is my way of helping make your house the most comfortable place for you to live.


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I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and have made so many new happy customers that it allowed me to make art my full time “job”. But it’s not really a job. I love to create and share art with people all over the world and consider myself the luckiest person on Earth to get the opportunity to do that for so many people.

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So happy with the total experience of shopping with such a lovely company. Ben was both kind and professional, and the prints are absolutely divine. Will definitely be a returning customer 😊
I have ordered on three separate occasions from Happy Art. All fabulous. Would highly recommend
Really happy with my prints from a talented artist. What I like about them is that they are unique, you won’t be able to purchase them anywhere else. Great service, well packaged and arrived safely. I wish I had more space for more! Thank you 😊

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! Almost Gone

Forest Sentinal

277 Prints Given Away

Standing still, a deer turns its head– his large, dark eyes watching you with curiosity. The deer, with their majestically intricate antlers, has graced us in his presence… bringing a special kind of magic to the forest.

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Silent Observer

221 Prints Given Away

Foxes are undeniably beautiful yet mischievous creatures. Their sleek reddish fur, sharp features, and graceful movements make them a sight to behold… pairing those with their clever minds and playful antics, they make every encounter feel entertaining and memorable.

£18.00 FREE

*Just £3.95 P&P

Whispering Willow

218 Prints Given Away

It’s amazing how such a small animal can have such a big impact on our thoughts …Their meekness really stands out in a world that often feels fast-paced. The sight of a rabbit is an invitation for us to pause, take a deep breath, and simply be present in the moment.

£18.00 FREE

*Just £3.95 P&P

Enchanted Woods Collection (3 Prints)

75% OFF

As you step into your home, a sense of enchantment washes over you, for your humble abode has been transformed into a living, breathing forest. The walls, once bare, now teem with life as vibrant paintings of woodland creatures adorn every corner.. Let the sight of a deer, a fox, or a rabbit bring a smile to your face and a sense of wonder to your heart.

For a limited time, enjoy 75% off when buying all three prints. Order now and allow yourself to live in a sanctuary of the forest

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