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Use your £5 to get a Botanical art print

I love botanical art because it brings the calming, relaxing feeling of nature into my house.

I can almost smell the fresh, fragrant air and feel the soft whisper of the breeze while I’m walking down my hallway. It’s perfect for when I first walk in the door and want to be welcomed into my home.

It’s just as good as actual plants to help me feel relaxed…

Use your £5 to get a Colourful art print

Colourful art energises me. It wakes me up and brightens my mood whenever I walk past.

I actually put colourful art on the walls of my studio to make me feel motivated and inspired while I work.

This style works great in home offices, kids bedrooms, or even in the bathroom to help you start the day with a boost.

Use your £5 to get an Abstract art print

Abstract art is designed to be displayed at BIG sizes. It’s the kind of art that you can enjoy details for years after you’ve bought it, because there’s always something new to experience in the little details.

This style is ideal to be displayed as a statement piece in your lounge room. On its own, in a large size, sitting on a wall by itself. It’s meant to be the star of the show.

Use your £5 to get a Pop Culture art print

Pop culture art is all about YOUR personality. Use it to express who you are. This is where your interests can shine.

These prints usually have a special meaning to the owner, and will often hold memories, emotions, and the feeling of happy experiences you’ve had in your life.

They’re used to make your house individual, unique, and perfect for YOU.

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